The Muses:
A Self Portrait
Each muse represents one of my personal interests as well as her own traditional realm--history, literature, science, dance, comedy, poetry, spiritual rituals, music, and theatre. The garden displays flowers also symbolic of those domains--forget-me-not, dahlia, red pine, cherry blossom, fern, wisteria, ivy, rose, scarlet lily, speedwell, marigold, and acanthus.
A map of my 2019 trip to central Italy, featuring lots of espresso and wine, marble pebble beach, the moon over the Coloseum, gondola rides, and Italian cypress trees.
The Giant Anteater is my favorite animal. Watching them at the Detroit Zoo is one of the best pastimes I can think of.
Employee of the month:
an exercise in flat color. 
The Goose Girl
Inspired by the novel The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, based on the classic folktale.
For G.G.
A family portrait for my grandmother's 90th birthday in 2021.
(And one for my parents, too)
A few more of my favorites from the past couple years. Clockwise from top left: 
1. Over the Moon;  
2. Joyeux Noel; 
3. Anne with an E; 
4. Naughty; 
5. The Velveteen Rabbit;
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