Magic Moon Week 2018
The theme for magic moon week was celebrating the female form, with prompts such as "sensual,"  "mood," "magic," "self-love," "curvy," "flow," and "creation." I love luna moths and wanted to incorporate them into each image to create a sense of cohesion in the series.

Titles from top left, clockwise: 1. Soar; 2. Flow; 3. Magic; 4. Mood; 5. Sisterhood;
6. Mother; 7. Rhythm; 8. Reflect
Folktale Week 2018 
Titles Clockwise from top left: 
1. Mother Earth; 
2. The Mirror: A Japanese Folktale; 
3. Patronus; 
4. The Fox and the Mosquitos;
5. Southern Ghost Tale; 
6. Baba Yaga; 
7. FW Badge: The Goose Girl 
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